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Tupac is alive

I haven't done any research to see if anyone has pointed this out already, but I was just listening to Tupac and noticed, he said "Forgive me I'm a rida, all I want is the money fuck the fame I'm a simple man, I'm mister international, player with a passport, which seems like it could hint at his plan to fake his death and pull a Chappelle and go live on some other continent with all his money.


That was on the last album released while he was supposedly alive, and then the first album released after he supposedly died was under his alias "Makaveli" which if you switch the letters around spells "Am I alive" minus the k. And the album name "The Don Killuminati: The 7 day theory" sounds like it could be a play on the Jesus resurrection.


And then his next album is called "R U still down?" which sounds like it could be asking if he's still down in his grave, and then his next album is called "Still I Rise". And then the names of his last album and first album seem to tie together "2pocalypse" and "Until the end of time", it's hard to imagine anyone else would have been clever enough to continue or leave those subtle clues to his Christ like narrative.

I believe he is alive and he is a genius.


I plan on making a documentary of some sort, which will explain this entire theory and all his music in greater detail. I will do this eventually when I have time and will post it somewhere on this site and on my youtube channel, so stay tuned for that.

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