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The Trifecta of Time

I have this philosophy, but trying to fit it into a sequence shaped tangent is difficult. i don't think humans go directly to heaven after they die, I think there is another stage of life where we connect mentally to everyone that has ever existed, its basically like the internet with no filter or hiding, everyone can free roam into anyone's mind, to read the record of every thought anyone has ever had. It's basically hell for most people, but its like before heaven happens every single person that has ever existed needs to completely understand and forgive every person, which of course is not going to happen instantaneously, it could take years, even centuries.

But I think there needs to be a physical form for this to work, a person can't feel embarrassed without a nervous system, and a person can't grow wings without breaking through their cocoon of nervousness. So basically I'm saying each person will feel each person prying into their thoughts, thus they will grow new mental agility to cope with it.

The 2nd possibility is instead we just re-incarnate as each other, many times over until every human understands why every human who ever existed did the wrong things they did. I call this scenario the "perpetual hell", because it doesn't resolve until not a single person on earth is left homeless or starving.

The third possibility and scariest of all, at the point after humanity has resolved it's self, we come to realize that God is the perfect merging of all consciousness into one singularity, that eventually becomes violently bored and must split itself into life again, and we do the whole thing over again, and again.

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