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Pi is wrong

I have a hypothesis but don't know enough math to prove it. I think the endless trail of digits in Pi is what causes static in radio transmission. Wouldn't it be insane if aliens were using our noise static as channels for their own hidden transmission, can you imagine those algorithms? ZOINKS!! Ok so like I don't think we're using the correct number for Pi, we should really just use 22/7 or 23/7, i forget what the Greeks used to use, but 2 months ago i was fiddling for 3 hours with a calculator and came to my own epiphany that most prime numbers, when dividing another number, will leave a repeating pattern of decimal numbers, the number of digits in the pattern is usually 1 less than the prime number your dividing by. 22/7 has 6 digits that repeat infinitely. I think mathematicians just gotta get over the idea that a circle is 360 degrees, I think it has to be changed in order to get a true sine wave. Wouldn't that be trippy as fuck if aliens figured out a way to use radio waves for like a game, they could probably levitate objects around and they use this technology in carnival games. I mean that's what I would do, if i ever got to be an engineer for a company or something, i would want to make cool new carnival games and shit.

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