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Juggalo - Speed

game only works on PC


Don't know how to play Speed?

1. Press start.

2. Place 1 of your 5 cards onto one of the 2 piles in the middle, the card must be 1 lower or 1 higher than what is on the pile.

3. Ace can go on top of a King or a Two.

4. The player who runs out of cards first Wins.

5. The fresher the Joker card the faster the game is, word?

6. The high score leaderboard only shows if you win.

Yo bitch, i might be ugly but at least i ain't got no money

If you like my work and wanna see more juggalo freshness, toss me a dollar or two.

What's going on?

Game might be slightly buggy i'll fix soon, and also gonna do Juggalo Solitaire soon. And then  some more juggalo games when i think of some.

Whoop whoop!!

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