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Dating site for singularities

I have two concepts of singularities that I made up. Firstly the two that usually get tossed around, the idea that super computers will create self aware AI, and the idea that the laws of physics changes in a black-hole, I don't really believe in those.


My first idea is that a "technology singularity" is basically when all things necessary to sustain human life indefinitely is all compacted into a space ship. Of course this space ship will probably be the size of the Titanic, but it would probably be revised many times until it is much smaller. 

My second idea is actually two different ideas that both have to do with TV. Firstly i think TV and movies are just going to keep rebooting until everything flips inside out, there must be some sort of decay threshold before a sequence of re-boots becomes an exact replica of the original material.


For instance, say there's really only seven primary colours, there's only twelve audio tones, there's only eight primary smells and fifteen gauges of dilation of taste, there's only good, evil and bizarre-oh, there's only a few basic ingredients to every story: hunger, sex, hate, love, money, natural disaster, and varying levels of inferiority complex/ power obsession. You multiply all these things together and there's really only like 211,680 movies you can make from that before life just flips inside out.


The more important idea though is about the singularity of human behaviour. I think humans are much more chill these days than say even just fifty years ago, our generation has grown up much faster than every previous generation, and that is largely due to TV. Because most of us grew up watching enumerable amounts of compressed life lessons, making us more empathetic to many more situations than all the generations prior to the technicolor era, like I don't think black and white television counts. I think once the older generations die off, I think the trend of humans compressing their emotions and confusions down to digestible understandings will bring us closer to becoming the unified alien beings we are destined to be, the singularity.

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