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Breaking the myth about time changing speed in black hole, it doesn't, like you might think if you were in a ship falling into a black hole you would look at a clock and see the the clockwork of that old ass clock you have in your hand slowing down, all the gears in it are slowly turning slower than before, but if that was so than the neurons shooting between your eyes and brain would also slow down so you wouldn't even see a difference.


But most of all because time isn't a thing, its just a measurement. But also everything is time, temperature is a form of time, all energy is vibrations of different speeds, like a bunch of marbles vibrating off each other and being crunched together and shifting around each other, the spaces and motion shapes of all these energies is what gives a molecule it's structure and how it interacts with other molecules, i mean that's how i imagine it all works. And then consciousness itself is kinda just a self perpetuating pattern of energy.


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